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Meet Delusional: The Exciting Rap Star That’s On Everyone’s Tab

When it comes to American rap, Delusional is a complete material. There’s not much in American rap that still retains the sonic authenticity and proficiency Delusional possesses and exudes on his tracks. The energy, bravado, and powerful delivery reinforce Delusional messages when he speaks.

Armed with a pleasing charisma, Delusional got known by listeners as a hype man for Jump Steady. Thus at concerts and festivals, his dynamic, boisterous voice was felt onstage, slotting in fist-pumping adlibs and supplementing the aura of Jumpsteady. With experience comes essential self-knowledge to try new avenues in the music industry.

Delusional artist

Having been earmarked by concert attendees for how he dominates the stage even as a hypeman, Delusional began to develop his voice and honed his sound. This creative exploration gave birth to his debut album Platinum Punk in 2004. Unfurling Delusional’s distinctive chatty rap style and displaying his confidence, the album—straight from the first track “Just Hate Me”—had Delusional touching on topics of love, addressing critics of art and even at times discussing about the government all over the 13-track album.

The project, a blend of punk-rock beats which contained electric guitars and frenetic percussion mostly had Delusional freewheeling on the beat, poring over a spate of themes at breakneck speed.

The style was new at the time, in 2004 when boom-bap rap existed but songs like “Inside My Mind” had Delusional drenched in emotional honesty baring about his lifestyle and events that’s occurred in his life.

However, it was his third album Retaliation that drove a flurry of new listeners to his sound. By this time Delusional has undergone a series of personal life events inspiring the ejection of his punk side and favoring pristine beats to accentuate his robust delivery.

Delusional artist

Filling in the songs with breathless, melodic flows and touching on a trove of topics such as hustle tales, his personal life, and his past experiences.

Even though he dominated much of the album with his spirited, booming voice, “She Left Me” features one of his candid, raw thoughts, delving into his personal life about how the eventual end of his relationship led to his use of drugs.

Soul-baring singer L.L Radio guested on “Body Rock”, sprinkling the track with his tender vocals and gentle flows, handing the baton to Delusional to deliver a pacy verse adoring his love interest.

Rap heavyweights also register their presence on the tape. There’s Gucci Mane coolly floating on “Don’t Even Care” and Rick Ross refining “So Good” with his causal swagger.

Retaliation was an upgrade on his debut album, showcasing his growth and stamping his authority as one of the new voices in rap to look out for.

Till now, Delusional hasn’t lost that touch and finesse. Now reinvigorated with the needed motivation to push again, there’s more to come from a resurgent figure who once captivated the industry with his technically impressive talent.

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